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    Angle steel shearing machine

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Angle steel shearing machine

Hydraulic Angle Punching Machine

Copper/aluminum plate: 12mm

Iron/Steel Plate:10mm


Throat depth: 110mm


Standard mold configuration: 3/8" (ф10.5mm), 1/2" (ф13.8mm), 5/8" (ф17mm), 3/4" (ф20.5mm)

Non-standard molds: ф5.5mm, ф6mm, ф6.5mm, ф7mm, ф7.5mm, ф8.5mm, ф9mm, etc. (can be purchased separately)

Hydraulic punching tool function description:

1. Separate hydraulic punching machine is suitable for punching L, H flat steel, steel plate and aluminum row.

2. The bottom is designed with a flat seat, which is stable and will not shake.

3. Single hole oil return, the mold is made of high carbon tungsten alloy steel and cannot be damaged.

4. CH-70 and CH-60 split hydraulic punchers are specially used for punching holes in metal plates such as angle iron, flat iron, copper plate, etc. They are especially suitable for outdoor operations in industries such as electricity and construction.

5. Matching pump: Need to be purchased separately.

If you need other specifications of molds, you can order them separately

Hydraulic angle steel cutting machine

Output: 30T

Use range: 110x110x10mm

Body size: 330x210x460mm

Weight: 37kg

Function Description:

CAC series angle steel cutter is an advanced tool specially used for cutting angle steel. It can cut quickly, without iron chips, and the cut surface is neat and smooth.

It is suitable for bridges, power transmission and distribution high-voltage iron towers, and other places where angle iron is used. It is easy to carry and operate for outdoor field work.

M-30 Multifunctional Angle Steel Processing Machine (Made in Japan)


◆ Output: 23 Tons, Weight: 50 kg

◆Processing angle steel size: 75×75×6mm

◆It can be realized by changing the mold

◆Cutting, corner cutting, bending; center hole function

◆Body size: 320×220×300mm (length×width×height)

◆Standard configuration: main machine and bending die head, 45° cutting die head, 90° cutting die head, strip cutting die head, one each

◆Optional: round and oval punching dies

Hydraulic station

Product Description:

1.该Hydraulic station双回路超高压液压电动泵系单相异步电机、换向开关、电磁阀、高压油泵、油箱和油管等部件组成。具有体积小、油速快、压力高、重量轻、使用方便等优点。

2. The reversing switch of the pump is a three-position four-way M-type manual reversing valve, which is used to control the double-acting oil cylinder. The middle position can make the oil cylinder self-lock under the action of pressure, and the pressure can be kept in the middle stop. At the same time, a safety valve overload protection device is designed. When overloaded or over-pressurized (above 700Kg/cm2), it will automatically release pressure to avoid damage to the machine.

3. The pump is equipped with a pressure gauge, which can observe the pressure changes during operation at any time.

4. Dual oil circuits, fast oil flow, easy operation. The oil pipe can be extended at will.

5. Operating output pressure 63MPa. Quick connector thread is PT3/8"-19 thread.




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