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    Hydraulic pipe bending machine

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    Machine tool equipment/metal processing equipment
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    2024-04-15 14:23:35
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Performance characteristics:

1. This machine adopts PLC control, conversational operation, and easy program setting.

2. Freely selectable, manual, semi-automatic half-cycle, fully automatic full-cycle functions.

3. The mobile foot switch has three functions: automatic start, emergency stop and emergency stop and continue, with high safety.

4. Large-capacity cooling circulation system makes the machine run more stably.

5. The machine head and pipe bending are exquisitely designed to provide space for pipe bending.

6. The mold can be replaced easily and conveniently, which facilitates flexible production.

7. During the processing, the current value of the bending pipe processing is displayed on the screen of the mobile controller, and single-step execution, half-cycle operation, and full-cycle operation can also be set.

8. It has the function of automatically detecting errors and faults. When any abnormal action or any danger occurs, the machine will immediately stop and issue an abnormal alarm, display the cause of the fault, and help the operator to troubleshoot.

Manual folding machine parameters:

Main technical specificationsunit100NC
Pipe bending capacityMm100×5.0
Round pipe/carbon steel pipeMm100×5.0
Round tube/stainless steel tubeMm100×3.0
Square tube/metalMm70×5.0
Round rodMm50
Bending radius rangeMm60-400
Bending angle rangeDegree185
Effective distance of penetrationMm3600
Mould centre line heightMm60
Curve speedDeg/sec20
Bending accuracyDegree±0.15
Hydraulic system motorKw15
Total PowerKw15
Upper limit pressureKgf/cm?175




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